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Meet the Women

 Each and every Mirembe jewelry piece tells the story of a woman who is bringing hope and positive change to her life.

The women are members of the Acholi tribe that until several years ago lived in Gulu in northern Uganda. Due to a long and difficult war that left them and their families with nothing, they fled to Wemble, Banda, a countryside area around Kampala, Uganda’s capital.


Many of the women are single mothers and most of them have zero or partial education. These strong women do not let their situation define them. They inspire and amaze. 

If you stroll around the village of Banda you may be lucky enough to see women of all ages rolling paper beads, painting them with clear laquer and even drying the beads right next to their laundry!

Creating beads from rolled paper is a traditional practice going back generations. The women brought with this skill with them from Gulu, their birthplace.
Each necklace is handcrafted with love at the comfort of the women's own home. Each piece is a bit different than the other, giving each piece its uniqueness.